Hand Held Brake Bleeder Tester Set Bleed Kits Vacuum Pump Car Motorbike Precise

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  • Model: TPT-0101
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  • Price(10-100): 12USD
  • Price(100-100000): 10USD

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Professional. brake bleeding by yourself without the mess, check vacuum systems.
DIY brake bleeder tool to minimize mess.
Suitable for home and business applications.
Hand held vacuum pump.
Brass cylinder and cylinder head.
Nylon cylinder cover and handle (wont corrode with brake fluid like aluminum models).
Replaceable O-ring cylinder head gasket, rubber piston ring and valves.
Precise pressure gauge: 0-30inHg, 0-760mmHg.
Includes all needed adapters and container to easily bleed brakes by yourself.
Package content
1 x Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleeder with Vacuum Gauge
1 x Reservoir Jar & 2 x Lids
1 x “T” Hose Connector
1 x Straight Hose Connector
1 x Universal Cup Adapter
1 x Blow Mold Case
1 x User Manual
2 x 24″ Vacuum Hoses
2 x 3″ Vacuum Hoses
2 x Tapered Hose Adapters
3 x Brake Bleeder Valve Adapters




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