Wiper Arm Remover Puller 6-28mm Repair Tool

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  • Model: TPT-0103
  • Material:steel
  • Color:white and black
  • Price(10-100): 6USD
  • Price(100-100000): 5USD

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  • Removes windscreen wiper arms easily and safely.
  • Avoids damage to vehicle bodywork or wiper assembly.
  • High strength and corrosion resistance

Product Description: 

  • Ideal tool to remove stuck on wiper arms that haven’t been taken off for years. The heavy duty construction with locking feature allows the tool to be fastened securely to the wiper arm before commencing the pull. The sprung loaded arm ensures a perfect grip, pulling the wiper arm squarely off every time. It can remove bolted-on windshield wiper arms that fit over a tapered spline. Can also be used for removing over tight battery terminals and some alternator bearings.
  • Dimensions:12CM x 8.5CM x 3.6CM. Jaw opening 6-28mm for wiper arms with an o/d up to 40mm.
  • Maximum opening: 28mm.
  • Maximum Collar Size: 40mm.
  • Package: Wiper Arm Battery Terminal Bearing Remover Puller Tool x1.



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